AW-5600 Wrapper Video

AW5600.MPG AW5600.MPG
Size : 4340.953 Kb
Type : MPG

                   15LBS (0.00) / .01

                   Max 36 pack per minute
               16" film roll wraps everything
    Full Color Video Tutorials with stereo sound
              Weigh & Price Whole Turkeys
                        Round pies wrapped 
               Advanced Product word search
               Extensive TOTALS REPORTS

Super-stretching technology reduces film consumption drastically and makes weigh-wrap-label operation extremely easy.  AW-5600eAT automatically detects tray size and determine the required amount of film to wrap.  Compactly designed body requires only a small foot print even though this model is capable enough for high production volume stores.

Super-stretch technology makes the best use of film and helps reduce film usage.  Eco mode reduces power consumption when the machine is not in use. 

Tray sizes are detected as fed into AW-5600eAT, then optimum wrapping conditions are automatically determined accordingly.  As the tray position is detected at the same time, the chances to jam the tray during wrapping operation is minimized with this feature.

Meat Room DPS-5600

The 10.4-inch, adjustable angle color TFT display ensures a good view for all working environments. Easy network compatibility via a LAN port. This standard model provides all the functions required for backroom operations. Also available for use with linerless labels to reduce running costs.

Print Width25 - 80mm

Easy operation

Large 10.4-inch screen improves readability and ease of operation. Users can choose the color and position of the display function keys, according to their needs

Front label loading mechanism makes label changing easy Large label roll for more efficient pre-packing

Operator display with touch screen panel can be adjusted to fit operator’s viewing preference 
 300dpi on 80mm label
High speed printing
Factory default 256MB / 512 MB DDRAM 133MHz SD Card 8GB
USB, Ethernet 10/100 Base-T, RS-232 (Mini DIN), SD Socket
Wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11b/g).

PC-Based scale 

User Friendly 7” Color Touch Screen
Operator display with 7” touch screen panel can be adjusted to fit the operators viewing preference.  Split Scale Components  The Split scale allows for comfortable packing of the products as well as keeps the operator display away from possible liquids or product residue. Remote Diagnostic Functions  Easy Cassette Loading  Front loading label Mechanism and large label roll for more efficient pre-packing.  Linerless Labels (Option)  Auto-label-sizing feature eliminates unused space on the label and automatically adjusts the label size. This reduces the label cost as well as makes the labels appear more attractive. Label Format Flexibility  Auto–cut feature allows variable label layouts and sizes to be used from one roll of linerless labels.